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goMobi is a mobile website builder and hosting service all-in-one. A goMobi website is easy to create, and works with an existing website. Each goMobi website provides mobile Internet users with the information they need on the go, automatically formatted for the mobile device being used to visit the site.

No hosting required
All goMobi sites are hosted in the cloud ensuring t hat we deliver fast loading, high performance sites at all times.
Sites work on all mobile devices not just Smartphones!
goMobi leverages dotMobi's powerful device detection and content adaptation solutions to ensure that our sites work seamlessly on 12,000 different devices. These are constantly being deve loped to meet the changing needs of the business.
Create mobile sites from multiple sources
Create custom mobile sites or automatically create sites from a desktop site in a matter of minutes or bulk create mobile s ites from an existing database of content. The choice is yours
Easy to use Control Panel for creating/updating sites
Each site has it's own control Panel with multiple design templates, and over 30+ mobile specific features including click-t o-call, maps, directions, shopping cart, video, ads, mobile analytics and muc h more. Automatic updates from Facebook, Twitter, event calendars and Google+.
30 days money back guarantee on goMobi.
Multiple languages supported
To accommodate the diverse needs of businesses arou nd the world goMobi sites can be easily created in any of 12+ languages, each Control Panel can be displayed in any of 12+ languages and each site visitor can translate the mobile site into over 30+ languages w ith our unique site translation feature
While goMobi can be used with any TLD, .mobi domains tell a visitor that the site is specifically designed to be mobile-friendly. In addition, .mobi will tend to rank higher in mobile search results, as search engines used from mobile devices tend to favour mobile-friendly sites.

Retail price: 5,00$ per month or 45,00$ per year.
Registration of the domain name is not included.

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